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Guide To Deck Building Materials in New Jersey

New Jersey Deck BuildingIf you are planning to build a deck for your New Jersey home, you are probably looking at the different decking materials and wondering which is right for you. Other than beauty, you'll want to make sure that this investment lasts. The lifespan of any deck depends on the materials used to construct it and how well it's maintained. Real wood decks must be sealed regularly to protect from sunlight exposure, drying, and too much moisture.

The average lifespan of different types of decks:

  • Traditional cedar wood decks – 10-15+ years
  • Pressure treated lumber decks – 10 years or less
  • Composite decking – 25-30+ years
  • Tropical hardwood decks – 20-40+ years

If you are looking for something more durable than pressure treated pine for your deck, the following is a breakdown of some of the more durable decking materials available.

Brazilian Hardwood Decking

Brazilian Teak decks are almost maintenance free and are highly desirable because of the fine grain patterns. For any real wood deck, you should seal it with a UV-blocking sealer for protection and reapply according to the manufacturer.

Garapa is a Brazilian Oak species that is dense, perfect for an exotic hardwood decking material. It is unique in that its finish is a lemon-yellow color.

Ipe is one of the hardest woods in the world so it is a premium deck wood. You find Ipe decks as boardwalks and for private residences. A similar but softer decking material is Cumaru. You find Cumaru in two basic variations: yellow and red. Of the two, Ipe is stronger and more durable.

Equality beautiful are Brazilian Redwood and Bullet Wood but Ipe is a forerunner in decking materials.

Brazilian Redwood, also known as Bullet Wood is dense and strong. It has a consistent grain pattern, which makes it a perfect exotic hardwood species for decks. Be careful not to construct this type of deck in dry climates or it won't last.

Composite Decking

Modern composite decking materials look very real. They have raised textures and very realistic color. They are made with real wood fiber and other materials with different methods and formulas depending on the manufacturer. People love composite decks because they are incredibly durable, stay beautiful, and are easy to care for. There are some brands to stay away from because they look like plastic and the color will fade. Call Hoagland and Son Construction, LLC for more information!

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